Reception, logging and visualization of sensor and telecontrol data of the RAMOC system and other systems.

Menu items All stations-As Table and by Input
Shows a table of all stations or stations with the selected input signal with
  • Master data (name, location)
  • Customer data (container data, administrative numbers, planning information...)
  • Time of last message, color coding:
    Color coding Meaning
    Message time Message failure, no message within configured time
    Message time Message failure, no message within configured time by two
  • Measured values, input and output states, colour coding of inputs and outputs:
    Value Value in warning range
    Value Value in alarm range
    Min/Max-Value Change in the selected period
    maximum 5% of the measuring range
    OFF Input open (0/OFF/OK)
    ON Input closed (1/ON)
    ON Input closed (1/ALARM) (alarm input)
    OFF Output in basic state (0/OFF/OK)
    ON Output switched (1/ON/ALARM)
The displayed information depends on the authorizations granted. When you move the mouse pointer over the individual table fields, additional information is displayed. Devices without a message can be hidden. You can search for values by pressing <Ctrl>+<F>.

Menu item Single station-Overview
Display of the sensor and master data of a device.

Menu item Single station-History
Visualization of the sensor and telecontrol data of a station over a selected period as diagram or table (with export option).
Special features Diagram display: Measured values outside the alarm limits can be faded out, the line is interrupted at these points. Double-clicking on the diagram opens a new window with an enlarged diagram.

Menu item Single station-Usertext
With the appropriate authorization, the user texts can be entered.

Menu item Settings
Display of your access data and authorizations. User name, password, e-mail address and the delivery of daily reports can be changed. The authorizations and the number of SMS messages per calendar month are assigned by Innotas on behalf of the customer.

Menu item VALZ->global
The shortcut "VALZ->global" stands for "Management of alarm targets - global". This menu item allows the display of all currently configured alarm destinations (telephone numbers and email addresses) and enables their general activation/deactivation via checkbox. Globally deactivated alarm targets are ignored by the control station, i.e. no alarm messages (SMS or email) are sent to these targets.

Menu item VALZ->Devices
The shortcut "VALZ->Devices" stands for "Management of alarm targets for individual devices". This menu item allows the display of the alarm destinations assigned to the devices (telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) and enables their device-specific activation/deactivation via checkbox. If alarm targets assigned to a particular device are deactivated, the device will not send an alarm message (SMS or email) to the deactivated target.

Menu item Login
Login with your access data. User name and password (no distinction between upper and lower case) must be entered. Access can be either encrypted (secure login) or unencrypted (login without SSL).

Menu item Register
Apply for access as a new user. User name and password (at least 4 characters each, no distinction between upper and lower case) must be selected. After checking your data, your account will be activated.

Versiune: V3.9, dezvoltat de Ronald Fitzke (Innotas GmbH)
Întrebări, sugestii şi rapoarte de eroare vă rugăm să trimiteţi un e-mail la: info@ramoc.de